Masters of Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Dillon Emanuel

Business Owner

Some of The Cleanest Crawl Spaces!

These guys are great at what they do! Robert is a really great guy and knows what he’s doing and it shows in there work. Some of the cleanest crawl spaces u will find. Would highly recommend!

Oct 22, 2019

Jonathan Robla

Business Owner

Their Work Is A Piece of Art!

This company has the absolute best knowledge and professionalism I have ever seen. There work is a piece of art after there finished. Highly recommended company!

Oct 22, 2019

Masters of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many homes across the nation are built over crawl spaces. The spaces are a haven for mold and wood-decaying fungi to thrive. Then you added that fact the snakes, mice, and insects of every type including termites love dark, cool and wet places like this and you quickly realize this isn’t a place you want to work in. Builders make matters even worse by jamming the homes HVAC system in many of these crawl spaces. The moisture from groundwater causes the crawl space to flood and the open vents allow humid air to get trapped in it and ruin the HVAC system. The only way to fix this situation is to waterproof the area with a drainage system and then seal the area off from the elements and install a dehumidifier. Only after that will you moisture problems be solved in the long run.

HydroHero is recognized as the leader in crawl space encapsulation in Delaware, Maryland and across the nation and for good reason. Check out all of our videos on our YouTube Channel and on our Facebook pages. See the transformations we post from beginning to end. Then ask why our competitors aren’t doing the same. We’ll tell you why they do a lousy job. Time and time again we have to pull out their failed system and redo their work. If you did high-quality work wouldn’t you share it with the world to see? I’m sure you would! Now let’s get into our crawl space repair process.

HydroHero’s Steps fo Sucess:

  • First, we remove any insulation if it has been damaged by moisture or has been contaminated due to mold growth.
  • Then we remove all the mold by HEPA vacuuming, wire brushing, sanding and hand scrubbing the floor joist.
  • After that, we clean the mold off the pipes, wires, HVAC system and everything else located in the crawl space.
  • Once the mold remediation is completed we start installing the drainage system around the perimeter of the foundation next to the footer.
  • Then we install sump pumps as needs and direct the water out and away from the home through pipes installed under your lawn.
  • Then we move on to sealing the foundation vents and sealing any penetrations on the subfloor and the foundation and rim joist.
  • Once that is completed we wrap the pillars and install a vapor barrier in the walls and floor to lock out all of the moisture.
  • Finally, we install a dehumidifier designed for crawl space moisture control, a moisture monitor and then you are finally good to go!

You should never seal and condition a crawl space without installing a crawl space drainage system first. Many times contractors don’t want to do what is hard and what is right because they are worried that may cost them the job. The sad truth is the customer often wasted the money the first time due to water intrusion and the old system has to be removed and a crawl space dewatering system installed to handle the build water causing the flood. Remember, a vapor barrier is designed to stop vapor and is not a dam or drainage system. If you would like to learn more, please call us at 302-321-7077 for more information.

Other Service We Offer

If you have a wet basement from a foundation crack, poor exterior yard drainage, or a high water table, we can help you. We also fix wet basements due to failed sump pump and burst pipes or leaking pipes. Installing basement waterproofing systems is one of our specialties and one of our greatest passions. Footer drain tile and a great sump pump system can dewater your basement and keep the water far away from your home.

Now add a professional-grade basement dehumidifier to keep the humidity in check and you're on your way to a dry and healthy basement. If you control all the moisture sources you will not have to worry about mold growth in your basement! If you like the sound of that, give us a call or fill out our 10-second contact form and we will call you to set up a free basement waterproofing consultation.

OMG! Crawl spaces are our #1 passion and if you have seen our work on Google, Facebook or YouTube, you know why! The transformations we complete every week blow the minds of everyone. Taking a wet crawl space to a dry space is no easy task. Often we have to first deal with a flooded crawl space and have to install a heavy-duty french drain system and a sump pump or two to get and keep all the bulk water out.

Then we have to remove all the wet crawl space insulation and the piles of trash left by other contractors. After these things are done we often have to do a full crawl space mold remediation. Finally, we can seal up the vents, wrap the pillars, line the walls and floor with our premium vapor barrier and install a crawl space dehumidifier to complete the transformation. To schedule a 100% free crawl space consultation contact us at 302-231-3030 today.

Dealing with mold is a major pain for many in . If the remediation is performed correctly it can lead to cross contaminations or it returning later on. Hiring a normal contractor that isn't certified with the IICRC can be a huge mistake. There are guidelines and a standard of care that need to be followed. If the contractor is not familiar with the IICRC S500 or S520 you may want to consider a different mold removal contractor.

Black mold and toxic mold are a few signs that you may be dealing with a mold remediation company that is trying to use scare tactics. Before a mold remediation is done, make sure the moisture sources that caused the mold growth have been found and corrected. This is a major step overlooked by many and can lead to having to do the remediation twice. If you have mold in your home, give us a call at 302-231-3030 today.

Performing mold testing before a proper mold inspection can lead you down the wrong path. Mold testing is frowned upon by the EPA and CDC if you can see it.

We offer emergency water damage restoration services 24 hours a day. Flooded homes are a huge problem for property owners and more insurance companies.  While many people think of a storm when it comes to a water-damaged home, it normally isn't the case. Flooded homes are more often caused by leaking pipes, windows, icemaker lines, air conditioners, roofs and foundations walls in basements and crawl spaces.

Then you still have things like backed-up toilet, overflowing sinks and washing machines! As you can see, the list goes on and on. Storm-related water damage to residential and commercial properties are a tiny fraction we deal with on a daily basis.