Delaware & Maryland Water Damage Cleanup Service

If you live in Delaware or Maryland you know it is a great area as you get to experience all the different seasons. Unfortunately, the storms in this area can get pretty bad. Winters can be cold enough to cause frozen pipes to burst and the summers bring humidity levels so high mold rapidly starts to grow. The rain in the spring often leads to flooded crawl space and basements. Water damage is a major concern to the many residents in these two states, but luckily HydroHero is standing by and ready to respond at the drop of a hat.

Delaware & Maryland Water Extraction

One of the most important things you can do when you have a flooded home is to start the water removal process. The more water that is removed from the carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile and other flooring materials the less it can travel to other areas of the home. This is important to limit the amount of damage to areas that aren’t already affected. The long the water sits in contact the more water it will absorb. The more bound water in a building material the longer it will take to dry out. This can add days and even weeks of additional structural drying to a project. There are two types of water to deal with in any water damage. They are “dump water” and “smart water”. Below we will explain the two types for a better understanding.

Dumb Water – This type of water is called dumb because it can’t hide. It is the water you can visibly see and often the water that many homeowners clean up and then think that everything is fine. Then a few days or weeks later the mold sets in and things start to bow, blister, buckle and swell.

Smart Water – This type of water is clever and loves a good game of “Hide and Go Seek” as our good friend Barry Costa would day. You have to work hard at finding it with moisture meters, thermal cameras and a ton of other hi-tech meters. This is why you should always call a water damage restoration company like HydroHero to come in and find all the water.

So now that you know why you need to remove all the water from your home or business and what types of water you have to deal with, we hope you will call us at 302-321-7077 to help you.

Delaware & Maryland Flood Cleanup

Dealing with a flooded home, crawl space or basement isn’t fun at all. Your life is often turned upside down and you are full of emotions. Dealing with a flood from a sudden rainstorm, pipe leak, sump pump failure, washing machine or sink overflow or even a toilet backup are not the same thing. All of these types of flood damage need to be treated differently. Some pose little rick to cleaning up and others can put you and your family’s health at risk due to virus, bacteria, and mold. Before you try to perform flood damage repairs yourself, give HydroHero a call at 302-321-7077 and stay safe during this overwhelming time.